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Do you know if there is any way to clarify one way or the other whether he was the natural child of Noe & Virginie? Lynnette Collard [email protected] Lynnette, It would be best to see that original church record first if you can.Would there be any records to that effect in the Church? It might have his parents listed as parents or some other description."Now it just shocks." The nationally televised show is the latest pop-culture offering to cash in on the wretchedness of sex crimes and our nation's simultaneous discomfort and titillation with sexuality.With one high-profile sex abuse case after another, a constantly shifting set of laws on the books and a one-sided debate in which those who pander to "stranger danger" set the agenda, a balanced look at sex crime is increasingly stifled.She died peacefully at home in the arms of her loved ones after a brave battle with cancer.The youngest of four daughters, Pat was born in Morrilton, Arkansas, on August 3, 1932 to Albert and Kate Couch, and as a small child moved with her family to Little Rock.

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"I'm constantly concerned that someone is going to come up to me and say, 'I saw you, you're a sex offender,'" Dave said.

One of her proudest accomplishments in recent years was her leadership of the Branches Bible Study Group, which began in her home and later moved to the Ageless Senior Citizens Center when membership grew too large for her house to accommodate.

Pat was known for her gracious, charming disposition.

Prior to the Parade, there will be a Pancake Breakfast from am to am on 13th Avenue South between 1st and 2nd Streets ( adults, children 12 and under).

Proceeds from the pancake breakfast go to support the local initiatives of the participating service clubs.


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