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Other inspirations for this game include that we want to offer incarcerated parents can interact with their children in the beautiful virtual environment that is Tree House.Most virtual reality experiences are one-sided, and currently none exist to facilitate an educational and familial bond between young children and caregivers.Time is spent more useful in the presence of other people and the obligatory alcohol makes for a nice atmosphere.

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We are not here to debate whether gaming is useful or detrimental for your child’s education.

Embarrassing moments will be automatically blocked by the consumption of alcohol.

If you organize the party yourself you don’t want to spend too much time reading the rules.

When purchasing the console, any parent should acknowledge it is not the same good old console we all had in the past.

The capabilities of the 90’s consoles were limited to launching games from detachable cartridges, whereas now consoles are sophisticated devices offering a number of features, both useful and dangerous for the child.


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