Android contact pictures facebook not updating

Linking your contacts with Facebook can be handy, but it can also be quite frustrating.

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Originally Posted by combat goofwing im trying this and installed it on my nexus 6p got the old.27 version installed but its not showing any option to sync contacts, is that cause im on marshmallow, realy miss this feature This worked!

Side Note: I called HTC regarding this issue, and the lady I spoke with said that HTC IS aware of the problem, HOWEVER, it is a Facebook problem, not a HTC problem, and all we can supposedly do is wait for FB to fix it. FB sucks, but I like having the pictures with the names, so until they get their heads out their asses, this is the best solution. EDIT: Before posting this reply I checked my phone because I was going to give my HTC One M8 info and Android OS info, but as I looked, Facebook must have already automatically upgraded to the newest version, putting right back in the same place... Apparently they know about it, but it is an issue directly with Facebook's app.

I will post any information I receive from them, IF I receive any...

The app has its old Sync Contact options on the Setting menu and it will sync contacts on your phone book.

Now I've heard that after syncing all contacts, it should be OK to update it on the Play Store.


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