Bankunited backdating

As of December 31, the FDIC had only .9 billion left in the fund.It is planning to assess extra fees on member banks to forestall a taxpayer bailout.Even in its incomplete state it does reflect information about at least three settlements that as far as I am aware had not previously been publicly available.First, the background about the questions surrounding the FDIC’s nonpublic settlements.Or did a lot of CEOs just have amazingly good luck?

Scott Rickard noted that the FDIC has “opted to settle cases while helping banks avoid bad press, rather than trumpeting punitive actions as a deterrent to others.” The article notes the agency’s willingness to agree, in connection with claims settlements, that the details of the settlements would not be disclosed except in response to a specific inquiry.Do you have information for an investigative story?If you know details about insider trading, securities fraud, corporate wrongdoing, consumer or travel scams or similar issues, tell us. When ANB Bank of Arkansas failed last year, it was easy to blame executives whose pursuit of high-adrenaline growth led to the bank's demise.Clearly, the Enron trials have not closed the book on corporate fraud.A new boardroom scandal is roiling Wall Street: stock options backdating.As early as Wednesday, the administration is set to release details of a new regulatory framework for the vast and complex financial system of commercial and investment banks and brokers that has evolved in the last few years.


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