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Much of what you will read here comes directly from my personal experience.Much of the information contained within this site can be generalized to other churches, but not all of it.We are just one site in a network of Christian websites founded back in 1997.

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We want you to find your life's partner for the purpose of marriage.If you are a Christian, dating with an intention to get married, this website is for you.While our manual approval process helps to ensure a safe environment, it is not a background check, nor do we provide a background check. 3:2), produce in society mass intoxication from their wine made from grapes of gall from the vine of Sodom & fields of Gomorrah, poisoning society's mores with the poison of dragons & the cruel venom of asps (Deut. -28); and, unable to blush, be ashamed, or repent (Jer. -30), have been finally given up by God to uncleanness to dishonor their own bodies, to vile affections, & to a reprobate mind such that they cannot think straight about anything (Rom. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Heb. Like others who have similar sites, the reason for concentrating on the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination is simply due to personal experience. Some are a little different and may be less strict or have different stances on scripture, but for the most part they are all very similar.


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