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Ces trois pouvoirs sont liés et forment le pouvoir des trois.Piper et Prue croient d'abord à une plaisanterie, mais doivent se rendre à l'évidence face à des situations plus ou moins insolites : Prue manque sans le vouloir d'étouffer Roger alors qu'elle venait de lui annoncer sa démission, Piper fige un grand chef censé lui faire passer un test de cuisine, et Phoebe a la vision d'un accident de voiture avec deux adolescents, dont elle est elle-même finalement victime.

“Rain Man” might have started the trickle of such often hyper-smart yet socially challenged characters into mainstream entertainment, but sitcoms such as “The Big Bang Theory” (whose star Jim Parsons supports fan theories that his Sheldon has Asperger’s, a form of autism) and “Silicon Valley” (cast member T. Miller has described it as an “Asperger’s ‘Entourage’ “) as well as movies including “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Social Network” have carried on the trend with some regularity.

In fact, Shannen and Holly Marie Combs were good friends even before Charmed, and it was Holly who persuaded her to audition.

Ironically, the producers at first actually wanted Shannen to portray Piper Halliwell and Holly to portray Prue Halliwell.

Producer Kerry Magro, who has autism, was called upon to ensure there would be an honest portrayal of Jane as she struggles with matters of the heart.

Happily, Louisa Krause (who had supporting roles in “Young Adult” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene”) strikes a satisfying balance as Jane by being both winsomely free-spirited and wildly creative but also prone to explosive meltdowns and an inability to focus on detailed tasks while under pressure.


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