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A cemetery with several skeletons dating from the late Saxon period was found during construction work in Manor Close during the 1960s.

MARKET AND FAIR CHARTERS In 1205AD Baldwin de Vere, the Lord of the Manor, requested the permission of King John to hold a market in the town every Tuesday.

Asbestos can be located in large quantities on every continent in the world and it is therefore unsurprising that this material was used readily in ancient times.

Archaeologists have found fibres of asbestos dating back to the Stone Age, 750,000 years ago.

Chancery Lane was also the site of a small 12th century motte and bailey castle.

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The history of asbestos use is well documented through the Middle Ages.

Specialists believe that the long fibres of asbestos were used as candle wicks as early as 4000 BC.

The dangerous impact of asbestos on health is not a new discovery by any means.

The show features the incredible Tom Binns, star and co-writer of the…

Wallace Hind Selection LLP has been established since 1992.


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