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I found a row Diff Id property (set to undefined) and a tablerowchanged property (also set to undefined). NET/C# MVP]" Neal, Are you trying to update in the event handler for a UI component?

the count has changed from 0 to 252 (correct number of new rows). If so, then try and wrap the code in a try/catch block.

Hi guys, I have Table Adapters that is all are generated by .

NET every time i drag & drop from Data Set in design view. NET 2.0 can have partial classes, so i can take that opportunity to create many overloading as i can without changing the codes that is generated by . Now these are my problems: Because Table Adapter that is generated by .

The Source Column property of the parameter should be set to the name of the column.

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I've been playing around the example from the MSDN library. Both fields are Sql Data Adapter that are encapsulated by generated code and i don't want to break the encapsulation by making the Adapter property public.I hope you'll understand what i mean, Table Adapter is a user-defined class that is generated by . In the Table Adapter, there are private _adapter field and private Adapter property.Both are generated too and their are the bridge for the Sql Data Adapter.The generated codes is in the file that has .extension, i can create many new codes in the extension. NET 2.0 came with new partial syntax, and i can make many new file that has extension as long all the classes inside the files are partial class, so they'll work together (they'll compiled into one class), that is the code-beside solution from . Well I know most of you already know about partial syntax, i'm just hoping that you'll understand what i'm tryin to do. None of my code above is the Null Reference Exception maker.I understand that the Sql Data Adapter can perform bulk updates quite quickly.


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