Consolidating credit card debt resources

A debt management program from ACCC is a great alternative to credit card debt consolidation loans and many of those other companies charge significant fees for consolidating credit cards.We charge only a small enrollment and monthly maintenance fee – no hidden charges, and no exorbitant rates. ACCC also provides free access to a wide variety of educational resources where you can learn more about credit card consolidation loans, how to create a workable budget, how to improve you credit score, and where you can get answers to questions like "How do I get out of debt? In many cases, the amount you pay every month will be less than if you paid to each bill separately.

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Consequently, many companies offering credit card debt consolidation loans will charge higher interest rates for the loan, or include hidden fees and charges.

When you work with nonprofit debt consolidation companies, you're not taking out a loan to pay off your bills.

Instead, your credit counselor works with your creditors to consolidate your debt into one convenient monthly payment.

In general, debt consolidation loans can reduce the amount of interest you pay each month, reduce the number of creditors you have to deal with, and shorten the amount of time it will take to pay off your debts as long as you qualify and keep with the program terms.

If you’re struggling to pay high interest rates on a lot of unsecured debt, consolidation may seem like an attractive solution.


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