Dating after death of spouse

Of all the various ways that grief can express itself, perhaps one of the most unsettling is to experience the presence of a lost loved one some time after the death has occurred.When one so dear to us is gone, it can be very hard to accept that the individual is really dead.The number one stressor on every chart is the death of a spouse.Half of all married couples will experience this loss at some point in their lives.

Nowadays grief counselors are encouraged to support, enable and empower grief-stricken individuals to maintain their loving connections with their deceased loved ones.

Your experience will also be influenced by the circumstances surrounding the death, other losses you have experienced, your emotional support system and your cultural and religious background.

Because of this, you will grieve in your own special way.

Do our vows—and our relationships–really end at death? I can understand that our faithful monogamous obligation may come to a completion at death, but I am not so sure much else comes to a sudden halt.

If you ask someone who just lost their spouse if they are still married….indeed, they would say they are.


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