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* R = Relaxed and Resourceful * E = Effective and Energized * A = Authentic and Alpha... * R = Relaxed and Resourceful * E = Effective and Energized * A = Authentic and Alpha * L = Lifestyle and Lasting Some of the knowledge you will receive in the Dating Black Book: * How to develop both your inner and external game * How to destroy and conquer the primary sources of your dating pain and failures. game not outdated pickup lines or ineffective techniques. game not outdated pickup lines or ineffective techniques.(I think they call this "failure to launch.") I went out all the time and hung out with my other guy friends who had really attractive girlfriends, but I was the pitiful "lonely guy" of the group that would hardly ever get a phone number or date.And if I did get a date, it always ended up as "friends" at the end, because I was such a "Nice Guy." But I'd also look at my guy friends who had cool girlfriends and think, "He's not all that great looking, or all that smart." So How In The World Were These Other Guys I asked myself that over and over again.I started to get really frustrated, and then I even got angry with women over it.I felt myself blaming them for my situation, even though I knew they weren't the problem.Well, I can tell you from years of experience that you're not alone, and you're not as lost as you might feel.When you feel like you're not as good as other guys are with women, it hits you right in the middle of who you are as a man.

i'm reading juggler's (whom i really like) book Conversational Jujitsu, its going good, but i'll see.I went for about a year without a girlfriend of any kind.I was meeting the occasional girl, but I wasn't able to get anything off the ground.It's really helped me in the couple months since I've read it.I find talking to women I don't know much easier, I've had a few good dates, and I can tell I'm getting better at doing the things you need to do attract women.Finding the hottest women on the planet isn’t the problem – you already know they’re ALL on Facebook… The Bad Boy Formula Be The Bad Boy Women Love - Without Being a Jerk!


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