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We've all heard the phrase "No man is an island." It's true. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, offers counsel in Proverbs on the subject of friendship.

He explains that if we want friends, we must be friendly and reach out to others. Perhaps you think, Because we are often afraid of rejection, many of us are unwilling to reach out to others.

RESULTS: As youth moved from late childhood to midadolescence, they shifted from having almost exclusively same-sex, same-grade friends to having more relationships with persons who are of the opposite sex and older.The truth is that all people, no matter what their age — even the most outgoing, wealthy and popular — experience loneliness at least occasionally. Let me begin by saying it's healthy and natural to want to be around people who care.But sporadic feelings along this line are light years away from facing the rejection of peers on a day in, day out basis. Nearly every day she wakes up to a world where it seems no one her age cares. After all, from the very beginning of time, God has said that it is good for man to be alone (see Genesis ).By ages 15-16, 34% had had sexual intercourse; the proportion was significantly higher among blacks (45%) than among others (31%).Most adolescents reported neither frequent dating nor a steady partner by ages 15-16, although the prevaleance of such reports was related to friendship patterns in late childhood.We take a safer approach and wait for others to befriend us.


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