Dating male and female poland and america

In Sweden where I am from there are plenty of Poles who work in construction, so the “rough man” dream is spot on when it comes to many people’s idea of Polish men.And as the story goes there’s some truth to legends.All in all, make sure you talk to him about religion to find out where he stands, whether you are catholic or not yourself.Whilst it’s not necessarily a topic for a first date you will want to know about his beliefs before you get serious, which you would with anyone you date.So if you are visiting Poland or have moved to the country and eager to make friends, here are a few pointers on what Polish men are like.They like a good discussion On the whole Polish men are avid conversationalists and enjoy discussing politics, religion and economy.Read on to find out more about Polish men and what to expect when dating them.Whilst the church has lost some of its grip on society at large, people are generally brought up with the catholic faith in Poland.

However under Soviet hegemony, much of Poland could not practice their religion with freedom.Located in Eastern Europe, Poland is country that is newly finding its feet after decades of Soviet influence.It is rich in art, history, architecture and natural beauty – a fact that more and more people from other parts of the world are discovering now.Polish women are used to being treated with respect and reverence and the modern day issues of equal rights often do not apply with things like paying the bill at a restaurant or asking men on dates.Eastern European women often have an air of mystery and elegance about them.American and Polish culture is often very different and this can sometimes be problematic when dating.


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