Dating while legally separated virginia

Unfortunately, many people reach a point of no return in their marital relationship.Perhaps a spouse has been unfaithful or abusive, or maybe two people have simply drifted apart over time. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to assume that the person isn't already involved in an extramarital relationship (say perhaps the one that led to the divorce) and that the husband and wife are separated and not already divorced. For all of the obvious reasons, the majority of persons going through a divorce are very interested in moving on with their lives.In some jurisdictions (such as Fairfax County), regardless of fault grounds, you will not be scheduled for an equitable distribution divorce trial until beyond the statutory time period.Second, your date of separation will have an impact on the marital, separate or hybrid nature of financial accounts, retirement accounts, and other property.

One of the first steps in the divorce process is the establishment of a date of separation.The decision to engage in this process may unnecessarily increase the cost of the divorce and clog the communication channels necessary for settlement with the emotional charge generated by the possibility of adultery.Speaking of adultery, occasionally one thing will lead to another and dating may result in a sexual relationship.In addition, in some states the new relationship may be considered in the division of property or alimony determinations, so the dating spouse may not get as much as they want out of the divorce depending on the new partner's financial circumstances.This is especially true if the dating spouse begins cohabitating with their new partner during the divorce process.Fault-based divorce reasons include abandonment and desertion, cruelty or adultery.


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