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Some people have a very mistaken belief about Love Systems and seduction. Most Love Systems instructors live outside the United States.They think that Love Systems is “American” and so would be different in another culture. Some of the most senior Love Systems instructors are ethnically Korean, Chinese, Sri Lankan., etc.Oh yeah, and if you’ve been reading my blog and this all sounds a bit familiar…it’s because I got on TV in Beijing last Summer, though this was admittedly much more fun * * * * * Over the last couple weeks Savoy and I have been communicating back and forth with some members of the Love System’s community in Asia.I’m excited to discover that there are a number of people in China (both expats and locals alike) that are taking this part of their lives seriously.

It’s kind of like applying the scientific method to dating and relationships…of Anyhow here are some emails that Savoy and I exchanged with a Shanghai-based member of the community, hope they help: ——————————————– From: [Redacted] Date: Sun, -0700 To: Savoy Subject: Dating in China Savoy, I am taking this part of my life seriously.Vegas is the Disneyland for adults, an remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!It truly is the best opportunity to go crazy for a weekend & let loose & no one will ever know. Last year was a blast, literally the most successful super conference yet, with the line up the Love Systems Superconference 2010 has this year, it is going to top last year by far without a doubt!The Photos app on your Mac helps you keep your library of photos and videos organized and accessible.Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated.There will literally NEVER be another Social Circle Mastery seminar after this weekend. M and Braddock created that truly teaches you how to build a rockstar life style.


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