Delta goodrem dating 2016

, Darren Mc Mullen was rumoured to be dating Delta Goodrum after the pair were spotted exchanging kisses and holding hands on numerous occasions.Paparazzi pictures also showed them out and about, dining in Sydney and driving and hiking in Los Angeles but the pair continued to keep a tight lid on their relationship."But she really wanted to keep the relationship under wraps until she worked out where it was going." coach, 31, and the rugby union star, 32, reportedly first met at a Nine event earlier this year and, according to the source, "things have been moving pretty fast".

This made Goodrem the first and only artist to have five number-one singles from a debut album.

, the 31-year-old was propositioned by Sydney pub rocker Jay Parrino, 30, after he performed Led Zeppelin's ' Whole Lotta Love'.

We don't know if it was the rock'n'roll swagger, the bare biceps or both, but Delta took a shining to the aspiring star – even if none of the coaches turned their chairs.

It's about the drive as much as the destination.

Retired adventurer Kerubim Crepin wails away in his magical shop located in the small town of Astrub.


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