Ethan hawke dating lisa loeb

She’s continued to produce snappily-written, melodic albums of songs, all sung in her distinctive, wistful voice.And she’s worked on plenty of side ventures, too, including her Camp Lisa non-profit, her voice work as Spidey’s girlfriend in MTV’s , a play on both Loeb’s success with “Stay” and her then-single status on the dating scene.1 hit, "Stay (I Missed You)," the singer-songwriter has been most recognizable to her fans through her trademark glasses.Since then, she has managed to stay in the public with hits like "I Do" and "Do You Sleep"; TV shows like , a Food Network cooking show with former flame Dweezil Zappa; and, in 2010, a very popular eyewear line.Making good on her successful debut single, Loeb followed with four acclaimed CDs, including her Gold-certified debut Tails (1995) and its follow-up, the Grammy-nominated, Gold-certified Firecracker (1997).

"She is experiencing the same thing that many single professional people her age today are learning, which is how challenging it can be to find someone to share their hectic and sometimes complicated lives."Raised in Dallas, Texas, deeply immersed in the arts, Loeb studied piano and music theory and wrote her first original songs with lyrics while still in her early teens.Still, her love of the feline species did leave its mark.For instance, her acclaimed video for "Stay," filmed in actor Ethan Hawke’s New York City apartment, featured his cat, Mardoe, in a crucial role, albeit with some challenges.However, she made up for that by putting Hello Kitty on the cover of her 2002 release, "Hello Lisa." Loeb got back on the cat bandwagon in August, 2001, when she adopted Chinchy Morty from her pal Allee Willis, a songwriter best known for hits like "I’ll Be There for You" and "What Have I Done to Deserve This." "She had a cat in her backyard who had a litter," Loeb says.NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 26: Jimmy Fallon hosts “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” at Rockefeller Center on February 26, 2014 in New York City.Behind the scenes, she has been as devoted to cats as she is to glasses or guitars. "I want to pet cats I see on the street, even if I shouldn’t." Currently, two felines are the objects of her feline affections: Chinchy Morty, a "mutt" she says looks like a Russian Blue, and Sweetie Mc Gee, who she describes as a tortie similar to a calico but with every color. When she was growing up in Dallas, her family had two cats for 18 years, a tabby and a black-and-white short-haired cat, who died while she was in college.


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