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Colleagues at work have told me that they think “we’re a really cute couple” and assumed that we were dating.

I finally worked up the courage to ask her on a “real” date.

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Sometimes at night when we're all doing naked back chain massages we'll start singing that and laughing our asses off, being like "I love you guys sooo much."So far, what's been your most embarrassing moment on the show? Some days, we went out to lunch at nearby restaurants.We also hung out outside of work a lot (sometimes for three or four hours), going on walks together/getting ice cream/coffee/etc. We have shared so much personal information with each other.You'd think that with a show called "Dating Naked," you'd get to know the contestants and their most intimate skin tags right off the bat.But there's so much more than what meets and possibly traumatizes the eye. I was at Big Ball Hal's and this one guy was trying to kick me out for showing everybody the WSU tattoo I use to hide the scar from my c-section.A girl and I both started working at an organization at the beginning of May (we are the same age).


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