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Things began to look up, though, when Khadra marries Juma al-Tashkenti – a good guy all around. Everyone must have kept secrets from each other about what they really liked, who they really were.

was my reaction, and I thought maybe this would be a husband-and-wife battling the odds sort of thing that would fill up the rest of the book – after all, I was halfway done and there hadn’t been a main plot to the story yet. How much had any of them really known each other growing up? In the first snippet of dialogue, Khadra (and presumably Mohja Kahf, if the character’s beliefs reflect the author’s) does not believe in one of the main principles of the ‘Aqeeda of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah – that Islam is the only true and correct path to worshipping Allah and attaining success in the Hereafter.

Many of the children who were held in Kalinovik are still traumatised by their experience.

The survey treated the question of women’s dress as a visual preference.

Journalists who have tried to approach the compounds have often been met with force, and calls for comments to the compounds go unanswered (H/T Mad World News).

The Muslims of the Americas have not been 100 percent successful in maintaining secrecy.

The FBI and Homeland Security are powerless to take definite action regarding the group’s activities without the president putting them on the terror list.

What is even more disturbing is that there may be individuals employed in law enforcement and Homeland Security that are TMOA members.


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