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Your Ok Cupid profile is constructed of a mixture of your own personal answers to a specific set of questions, as well as your responses to hundreds of questions sent by other users.These questions are used to create a compatibility score, based how your answers, what answers you would accept from other users, and the level of importance you place on each question. Take all sort of tests, from personality tests that gauge whether you crazy or not, to tests that probe the depths of your knowledge on spelunking. Ditch the clammy, keep the shaky, cause you'll be shaking with excitement! So go ahead, write that test to see if someone has the deep emotional scars you think they do. Let us know what you love, what you hate, and everything in-between.

Ok Cupid's founders (Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn) were students at Harvard University when they gained recognition for their creation of The Spark and, later, Spark Notes.

I love that game:) You should message me if you have really read my profile(because I may quiz u lol), if you don't live at home with your momma..scrubs:), if you are not African American (just not attracted, sorry) and you'd like to get to know me.

Know that feeling you get when a test is being passed out in class?

You’d be surprised, though, how many of my friends complain they can’t find someone on the site, and then when I say, “Well, have you messaged anyone? ” Although it may seem like “putting yourself out there” is different on an online dating site, that mindset won’t help you connect with anyone.

Look at it as the same as "liking" a post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.


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