Pending checkins updating

Nu Get.config is always where all of your Nu Get repositories are listed and is searched hierarchically.

Agreed, adding binaries to source-control for DEV branches is a bad practice.

I want to use "Automatic Package Restore" which is supposed to give me the following advantages: @yishaigalatzer, I consider it broken, because the standard behaviour contradicts the Nu Get documentation.

That aside, adding binaries to source control is simply bad practice.

In the simulated scenario in this post, everything in that post was done by Developer A. To simulate the situation of Developer B I get the second latest version of the code, without Developer A’s changes from subversion (yes, my test code is under source control, what did you expect? After saving all local changes I update to the latest revision.

pending checkins updating-77

For a rigorous introduction to Subversion, consult "Version Control with Subversion" at

As a workaround can you pend packages.config before performing the upgrade?

I have played around and found the following: It's rarely reproducible with one project, but with three projects in the solution where two of them had outdated packages to update it always happened - sometimes only in one and sometimes in both projects.

I have prepared a solution on, if you have an account there I could add you to the team members so you can reuse this for testing.

Since it's not the same behavior always I guess this could be a timing issue, where the local workspace might detect a delete only if there is a certain time gap between deleting the file an removing it from the solution - so your test machine is maybe either too slow or too fast.


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