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When we created the podcast feature we wanted to make sure to that you had the flexibility to set up a podcast to its full potential.In making our features easy to set up and functional, we learned that we couldn't control every aspect of the process.Give us a call (805-527-8900) or email us and we'll be happy to remove the limit for you.If your podcast has not appeared within the i Tunes Store after 1 week of submitting your feed, you'll have to open a ticket through support.asking why your podcast was not approved for the store.I did that so I can easily see which are pulling current information. Word Press has its “own” feed in Jetpack or something (I am using version 4.3.1). Perhaps Blubrry was updating “all feeds” and thus I never noticed. I will give you an example of issues between Jetpack and Blubrry.

However even though it says it is playing the 05-2016.mp3 it is actually playing the previous show 04-2016.mp3.Apple stops updating podcasts if they haven’t been listened to.Unfortunately this means that if a podcast that we air doesn’t play in its entirety — for example, if a live programmer needs to pause a long show — then it isn’t updated the next week.As a hosting provider, we do not have any influence over when i Tunes refreshes their cache and updates your podcast. This is Krystal from the Libsyn support team, and we wanted to let you know about an issue many producers are running into – and what you can do to fix it, or avoid it all together.Sound Cloud is a hosting provider, and does not have any influence over when or if i Tunes will accept your RSS feed.


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