Poor dating the rich

The gap between rich and poor students being granted university places has reached a record high, latest Ucas figures show, prompting fresh concerns over the “shameful” lack of social mobility within education.

Students who received free school meals – a long-time indicator of poverty – are less than half as likely to enter higher education than their more affluent peers.

Here are five of those "rags to riches" stories that keep the American dream alive.

Sheldon Adelson -- .5 billion Sheldon Adelson, owner of The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, was the son of Ukrainian immigrants and grew up in the poor Dorchester neighborhood in Boston.

“The other factor is we had a very active policy working through organisations to getting universities back to promoting social mobility and I suspect this is now being pursued less aggressively.” He added: “Theresa May should surely take note of this as something that goes contrary to what she’s supposedly trying to achieve.” The Ucas analysis also showed a pre-Brexit spike in the number of EU students accepting places at UK institutions, while overseas students entering higher education in the UK has dropped for the first time since 2011.

White, working-class boys are least likely to go on to higher education.

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The sudden halt in numbers follows a decision made by the Tory government last year to scrap student maintenance grants for pupils from lower income families.Despite recent government efforts to improve access to education for disadvantaged young people, the gap between those being offered university places is now the widest ever recorded – a difference of 16.7 percentage points.More 18-year-olds were offered university places this year than ever before, with entry levels among all social groups increasing overall over the past 10 years.As a young boy, he started rapping on the streets of New York, under the name "Jazzy." Today, he is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, holding 11 platinum albums and 13 Grammy awards.He has sold an astonishing 50 million albums worldwide.Time and again, talented, enterprising and hardworking Americans have shown that great successes can come from humble beginnings.


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