Pristiq sedating

Remission of depressive symptoms is much tougher to accomplish and may span over an 8-12 week period.

Achieving remission is critical because clients who do improve but continue to experience residual symptoms of depression Antidepressants should be used prudently in the management of depressive symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, so clients who do not improve on antidepressants or even get worse would likely benefit from a diagnostic re-assessment for bipolar.

Is this a coincidence or could it have been the medication?

Let me just say, this drug works for me, but there should be a warning on the insert, if there is a chance that this was the case.

So, reduced uptake causes prolonged effect of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain.

It is not the only antidepressant to do this, but SNRIs are a smaller class of drugs than those that just effect serotonin alone (like Prozac).

This makes it a markedly more effective alternative with lesser drug interactions than standard antidepressants.

3.) Pristiq could generate more than billion of annual sales, asanalysts predicted.

All of the antidepressants have similar efficacy, and most of them have different side effects.

At least 50 percent of clients who will respond to antidepressants begin to demonstrate improvement within the first few days to a week of treatment.


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