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Relationships in Saudi Arabia, however, are very unconventional.The first question any expat woman might have is: should non-Saudi women get involved with Saudi men?No matter what the man says, family in Saudi Arabia is a tribal matter.

Yes, it is quite unnerving moving to one of the most conservative countries in the world.Ok, I kid, but Saudi men can get very possessive and jealous.A second thing I need to point out is tribal thinking.But I have spoken about this with friends, and some have said that Arabian men do not have much real value for western women, and that their kindness comes with some kind of price, and that they will treat you like a princess and then suddenly you will become their property and they will become very controlling of you and start to become mean. I admit Saudi men might have a little more "passiveness" than westerners but that is part of the culture of women being cherished.Well, I am not going to completely believe all of this. The average man who was raised under traditional Saudi values would rather die than see a female relative (spouse, sisters or mother) suffer a mishap.Well, he did ask me if I knew about it, and I said I knew some but not a ton, and that was it. Also, as you say it would be difficult upon meeting him to have a discussion about his personal beliefs and convictions that would be totally reliable.


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