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So, in sixteenth-century Germany, newly-weds were put to bed to the sound of pipers and drums, as well as ‘obscene’ noises, and after the wedding party withdraw from the bedroom, the family continued to celebrate, drowning out the expected noise from the bedroom.Part of this ritual often involved the bride and groom being dressed for bed in separate rooms, before being brought together in the marital bedroom.A typical marriage proposal in Australia calls on the man to get down on bended knee in some sort of candle-lit dinner or romantic holiday setting, asking his significant other “Will you marry me?

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It also made me curious how marriage proposals take place in other countries.India Arranged marriages aside, Indian couples traditionally become engaged after the bride’s family has formally accepted the groom's family’s proposal. Ghana Traditionally, a groom and a few of his family members would knock on the bride’s family’s door and announce his intentions for marriage.This “knocking ceremony” happens only a week before the actual wedding!It’s a fun group dance for all the guests, with lots of participation.” Many of the steps, like the swing-your-partner moves, resemble square dancing in rural America, while when the guests circle dance, it suggests the traditional circle dance of Israel, the hora.For the celebratory meal itself, “it’s always possible to serve haggis, the national dish of Scotland.”Scottish weddings have bridesmaids and there are toasts, “but they’re more likely to have a ‘toastmaster’ of sorts to keep everyone entertained and lead the party.“I also really love the tradition where, at the end of the ceremony, the groom pins a small piece of his family tartan to the bride’s gown, to indicate that she is now part of his clan!Similarly, it became unusual for a couple to be wed in May as this was the traditional start of Summer and was marked by a Pagan feast: Bealtane.


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