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It also examines various initiatives within Microsoft that promote software security through stronger development processes as well as streamlined patch and update communications and delivery mechanisms.

While an up-to-date version of the Free BSD documentation is always available on the Free BSD web site ( it can be handy to have an up-to-date, local copy of the Free BSD website, handbooks, , and articles.While Microsoft mostly publishes security and stability updates on the second Tuesday of each month (Microsoft Office updates that are not security-related usually arrive a week earlier), there are times when critical fixes, stability updates and Service Packs are released outside the schedule.That's why you should set your computer to look for available updates on a daily basis.Introduction Protecting the IT Infrastructure Microsoft Technologies for Security and Software Update Management Futures: Streamlining the Patch and Update Management Process Related Links With more devices and mobile users accessing corporate networks, a consistent stream of security updates from software and hardware vendors, expanding footprints for systems and applications, almost daily identification of new security threats, and a much more sophisticated hacking community, IT professionals face immense challenges in implementing an effective software update management strategy.This white paper reviews recent security trends that exemplify the need for strong patch and update management methodologies.If an account does not allow software to be installed (for example, if the account is a user account), only one option for Automatic Updates will function while that person is logged on.


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