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His Dublin grandmother Pam Coughlan is in Rio to cheer him on.

Before Eoin competed in his sport, Pam was interviewed by RTE News at The Olympics and won over Irish audiences with her unbridled sense of pride.

Watching them play a concert in Maribor two days later, I get my answer. They’re shaved now, their hands firmly control the cellos.

But the jackets stay, and so does their sense of humour.

She speaks more coherently in Griffon the Brush Off, when she mistakes Gilda's tail for a rattlesnake, and from the second season episode Luna Eclipsed onwards.

Fast forward a couple of hours; it's a sunny afternoon in Maribor.

I get to chat with the two smooth criminals guilty of adapting this Michael Jackson hit for cello about a year ago, uploading it onto youtube.

Yes, Granny loves being including in your child’s life.

No, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to bother saying thank you on a regular basis.


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