Sooyoung and siwon are dating married dating in indiana

She's also the first love of top star Seong Min-Woo (Choi Si-Won). Yoon Gae-Hwa (Chae Rim) is the 35 year old housewife who will become the manager ... especially his funny side that of course is a part of his real character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i've watched 60 dramas) Loved every episode from beginning to end! I am amazed by the fantastic performance of Chae Rim..

loved it.teamed up with chae rim..funny and cute..finally, i get to see choi si-won did th dancing and the singing in a drama.story, he did it love with you again, choi si-won!! ...especially all the shirtless scenes w/Siwon(and there were plenty:)) It's a great story..light hearted and funny.

Sooyoung 10 Şubat'ta Seoul, Güney Kore doğumlu, O müzikal tiyatro oyuncusu olan Choi Soo-jin, genç kız kardeşidir.

Sooyoung, başlangıçta onun beşinci sınıf sırasında SM Açık Audition ile keşfedilmiştir.

I hope Noona will have projects with actors in her age. Hahaha don't know why maybe because I write this comment after watched strong heart (sooyoung-yuri) episode. Honestly I don't like snsd so much but when I saw your acting in this drama (dating agency) I think you are REALLY did a good job. Just someone really, really pretty, handsome, young, cute.. ♥ And Kim Woo Bin, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Kim Shi Hoo, Yoon Si Yoon, Kang Min Hyuk!(Gyeonggi, Corea del Sur, 11 de junio de 1975), actriz de televisión y cine surcoreana. Es una de las actrices más aclamadas y admiradas por el público siendo conocida como "Princess Hallyu" (Princesa del drama coreano o reina), es una de las pocas artistas surcoreanas que se han dado a conocer a nivel internacional debido al increíble éxito que obtuvieron los dramas Escalera al Cielo y Sonata de invierno, novelas que obtuvieron un alto nivel de audiencia tanto nacional como internacional.Realizó sus estudios primarios en la escuela Pusan Sooyoung Primaria, Jr donde también se especializó en danza.En 1994, realizó audiciones para la MBC, debutando un año después en 1995 con el drama "War and love" en donde adoptó su nombre artístico Choi Ji Woo.


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