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At this relaxing and clock-free event, you\'ll meet a bunch of other fabulous singles without once hearing a bell.And if you\'re talking to a cute guy or girl, the host will not tell you move on aft Join us at Hudson Terrace for a fabulous night of flirtation and fun.Maybe she’d opt for canvas sneakers or fancy flat shoes. She was really attractive and I had a massive crush on her. I’d want to talk to her before or after class so badly. But when she decided to wear heels it wasn’t even close. Any feelings of manliness or confidence I had would disintegrate. I’d be paranoid that I was being judged by every person we’d walk past. Any person pointing at something near us was mocking the gaping difference between my girlfriend’s height and mine. Why did I feel so intimidated and insecure around taller women? Why’d that all crumble to the ground when she jutted up 4-5 inches above me? Normally I’d feel myself; completely comfortable and natural around her.You were also a fantastic host that made it fun and relaxed.

I’d fantasize about ways to stumble into conversations with her.

Which of course was ridiculous behavior that only led to ugly arguments.

I was embarrassed by the height discrepancy and I’d guilt her about it.

Everything would be fine until she’d pull a pair of heels out of her closet. There was a girl in one of my classes at the University of Florida.

I’d hope and pray she’d wear some other type of shoes. I knew she was on the volleyball team because she’d always wear their apparel.


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