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Speed dating was, therefore, a huge, risky adventure! Christine sent me a screen shot of an e-mail she received from e-Harmony.She had signed up for a free trial almost three years ago and had never actually used the dating site.I can 100% say I was extremely impressed with the turnout and the vibe of the event. Sure there are times when you happen to meet someone out at a club, bar, or maybe the grocery store, but for the majority of people, those relationships are short lived.I came away from the night wanting to implore more singles to try out speed dating in Toronto at least once. Finding that special someone sometimes feels like trying to spot a unicorn (Will it ever happen? For those dating in Toronto, some struggle to overcome their busy schedules and find time to “put themselves out there.” For other’s, it is difficult to meet new people outside their social circle and some don’t know even know where to meet new local singles.Go Co is planning another speed-dating event for June.Gaynor said she’s connected a woman named Margie, who is in her seventies, who wanted to buy a house with a young family.

Join us for a night of archery with other adventure and fitness seeking singles!Toronto realtor Lesli Gaynor, who has a background in social work, has launched Go Co, a service dedicated to helping people find homes they can afford in Toronto through co-ownership.“I sort of came to it through watching people be shut out of this market for all kinds of reasons — but mostly financial,” she told Huff Post Canada in an interview.She primarily works on helping people find others to purchase property they actually want to share and live in, though not necessarily as roommates (i.e., not sharing a bathroom and kitchen).Ten-minutes later, Christine and I signed up via 25dates.com, a speed dating company that hosts events in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.Twenty-five Dates has been around for 13 years and reviews say they have connected people from all over Canada.For questions about the Event email Denia, your Toronto Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 647-447-6555.


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