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I was looking for a way to control my portable Sirius radio through my Sirius ready head unit but still keep the portability of my Sirius radio. It's easy to dock and un-dock my Sirius radio as well as small enough to conceal the installation and keep my radio secure.

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This statement has alarmed some of my colleagues, who see no problem with something that mirrors an old-fashioned radio dial, and which works precisely as expected. It's unlike Apple to take a tedious and bad user experience and decide that's enough.

Its compact design will allow for various mounting options to better suit your preference and best utilize your space available.

Single connection provides power, audio and control while a secure lock mechanism provides stability and protection of your portable device.

It’s crazy that a world of digital music still can’t compete with satellite radio for convenience in the car.

And it’s all because they followed the business model of the 8-track cassette — build the damn thing directly into the dashboard of every American-made car.


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