Teacher dating another teacher

Of course, the kids screamed even louder and it was so beautiful. As anyone who has spent a lot of time around 5th graders will tell you, it can be hard to hold their attention for long.

But, in the video below, he has the full attention of every one of his students as he addresses a very important subject: his relationship.In addition to pulling out all the stops in the creativity end of things, teachers also have to be patient, and not just regular type of patient either; they have to contain the type of patience that keeps them from strangling a classroom of 13-year-olds. A person who's patient with all your darling insecurities and idiosyncrasies? Jason Seifert, a teacher at Harry Russel Elementary School in Ohio, decided to propose to his girlfriend and colleague Ally Barker in a pretty special way. Barker' into the classroom to clear up some rumours among the students: “There is a rumor going around that Ms. So it’s about time we address that,” Seifert told the students as the two teachers stood at the front of the class. They can explain the same thing in many different ways and get their point across, leaving little room for misunderstandings that can hurt a relationship. If you want to know what’s hip with kids these days, your date will know. They have the summer off – and all holidays, making planning adventures a breeze. Observing a teacher with his or her students can provide good insight into how they’ll be as a parent. Teachers are up on the latest lingo and pop-culture trends. Finding creative, fun and practical solutions to problems is part of their day job. Teachers (mostly) have great – and predictable – hours, so you can plan date nights with ease. She won’t want expensive gifts; you can buy storybook for her birthday, flowers for Teacher’s day, craft punchers for Christmas.


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