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These phoneme/grapheme relationships are taught together as "explicit" phonics, "in isolation" (without key words, pictures or letter names) as recommended in the 1985 federal synthesis of reading research done by the nation's leading reading professors, "Becoming a Nation of Readers" (BNR).

This instruction takes only four of the first nine weeks in Grade 1--all without consumable worksheets.

The 120 collective years of research and experience that have produced this updated method began with Dr. Orton, the earliest neuroscientist to research the functioning of the human brain in learning language skills (1923-1948). Orton used a very similar phonics base and collaborated with successful classroom teachers to combine his non-discriminating multi-sensory techniques with Classical Direct and Socratic instructional approaches to teaching.

His first successful applications went to re-establish language-skills memory in brain-damaged World War I veterans.

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