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Social Clout: 18,180 followers, 1,048 likes URL: Bragging Rights: musings on love, life and motherhood After Alaina’s prince charming turned into a frog, she nursed her wounds and got back out there. She finds beauty in photography and uses it to drive her posts and impact her readers.This site offers a mature and friendly voice where experience and calm make all the difference.Before we get down to business, let me just clarify a few details in my last entry.I had known the gentleman in question for a significant amount of time, he even knows my family.One day in the summer, before we even met, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a card was delivered to me at work.My staff knew I was single and gave me some looks, wondering who sent them.

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Betsy says she is “consummately positive — an ex called me ‘pathologically happy’ — strong-willed and principled.” Betsy enjoys “simple pleasures, like a walk, grocery shopping, a long meal, socializing with close friends, spending time with animals and having philosophical conversations.” She says that she wants to be in a relationship with “mutual respect.

Where is the line drawn between sexually empowered and being a thirsty thot? Admittedly my body is not where it was nor where I want it to be, but the idea of someone miles away holding me in their thoughts as a source of lusty temptation was a pleasant surprise.

But where do we draw the line between freedom and persecution?

That night, I emailed him and said he had my attention. A month later, Anthony asked me if I’d be interested in being his date to a TIFF event. I appreciated that he made a point of telling me that.

It was honest and sincere, and a man who has been through some challenges in life is more interesting to me than someone who has had it easy.


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