Tweetdeck columns not updating single parent dating morris connecticut

I've been trying to keep track of when it happens but haven't been able to pinpoint precisely how much time goes by before it stops updating feeds.From the moment its opened on my desktop to the time it takes before I realize things aren't being updated live... So you can understand my frustration with having to constantly close and reopen Tweetdeck a number of times each day just to get an updated view of tweets.Read about how to change or recover a lost or forgotten password in this article.

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I'm worried that it might me using bandwidth resources I would really rather not be used.

Tweet Deck has no options in its settings to control automatic updates. There is a glitch in your case, and I recommend you uninstalling Tweet Deck completely, and reinstalling it from scratch.

I'm using the latest version which is v2.5.3 and Twitter streaming is enabled in the application settings menu.

Like I said, I didn't have to worry about anything like this until about 3 weeks ago.


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