Ulyanovsk dating

I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell that I am happy.

To me already 30, also I take a life philosophically.

I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. Most of the pictures were stolen from a profile on You can tell to me about all of you, that you want. But I should tell that I cannot receive the big files. If not I shall understand and I shall not be angry. but he never asked for the money up to the last letter to the 60, I do not know what he meant to send this email letter until he himself stopped mailing me. Now my dearest person is my daughter and she means everything for me – I want not only me, but us together to be happy. Also traveling, outdoors, reading, cinema and music.About partner You take a realistic view on the things in your daily life and are purposeful and active, and a romantic and tender one on the relations with your beloved woman. I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you.


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