Updating block in autocad

It's not uncommon for us to need to update our block definitions from time to time. Redefining an existing block is not a very exciting task, tedious at best. This awesome command came to us in Auto CAD® 2000 with the chief goal of permitting the editing of attached external references.You probably follow the same procedure we've all followed for years: Insert the block on the "0" layer... As it turns out, it's a fantastic block editor as well.To follow along you need a previously inserted block that you're willing to make some minor modification to.From the Modify pull-down menu select In-place Xref and Block Edit.So now you’ve got an hour to make a change to each title block of the first dozen sheets and two changes to each of the 54 sheets that come after the newly inserted sheet.If there’s a submittal looming, things get pretty intense very quickly and you don’t have time for time-consuming surprises.You don’t have last-minute problems because you can check things any time you want, effortlessly.

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I created a primary function (Update Attributes In Database()) that takes a Database parameter - as this will facilitate the future calling of the code on a number of drawings - and added some code to prompt the user for the name of the block and attribute to modify, and of course the new value to which we will set the attribute.Wouldn’t it be a pain to fix all that manually, one title block at a time?Worse, what if no one noticed the messed up title blocks until submittal time?Interestingly enough, few of us have ever thought to use REFEDIT on blocks, and yet it's mentioned right there in the Modify pull-down menu...but then who has time to sit around and read those menus anyway?When the parameter is modified, Auto CAD creates a new anonymous block.


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