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Let's face it, it's worked as a delivery system for decades and decades in tens of thousands of homes.

But there are problems that make it a tough thing to get insurance on, if it's found.

Although he had easy access under the house (at least 2 feet of clearance), he only rewired 12 of the outlets, and still charged us the full ,252 price, which wound up costing us about 0 per outlet.

It is not unusual to find all new wiring at the breaker panel and old knob and tube wiring for the lighting circuits on the top floor of the home. Installations have to be evaluated on a caseby-case basis.

Safety usually depends on the history of modifications and upgrades Most home insurance companies will not write new policies on homes with knob and tube wiring.

Spent 100.00 on a new sub box and outlets and switch.

He ran a new sub box with wiring to the bathroom and I installed the rest.


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