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Some nights, we’d have great parties, with strange people all taking the weirdest things and eating the best food – all paid for by us. We liked to play small venues, where you could see the audience’s eyes. He always had the best drugs, the most beautiful women, and they were always naked. He was brash, egotistical, opinionated, provocative, volatile, temperamental, and so talented.

A very complex cat, and a little crazy, he had just left Buffalo Springfield, one of the primo LA bands. Joni had a great little place, built in the 1930s by a black jazz musician: knotty pine, creaky wooden floors, a couple of cabinets full of beautifully coloured glass objects and Joan’s artwork leaning discreetly here and there.

Speaking in 2011, Stacey, who appeared in VH1's Single Ladies, said that after three marriages she was happy to be on her own, admitting: 'A lot of it was me needing a man to define me.

I’m finally at a point where I want to define myself.'The most important thing is knowing yourself and loving yourself and loving yourself by you, not by anyone else.

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Her third marriage to actor Emmanuel Xuereb ended in divorce in 2011 after she accused him of physically abusing her throughout their marriage and claiming she was too afraid to report him to the police.In 1919 the company bought half interest in the Seaman Body Corp.During the 1920's he continued to expand, buying La Fayett Motor Corp. By 1928 Nash Motors production exceeded 138,000 cars.One website disapprovingly quipped that he’d announced it “in as nonchalant a way as possible.” And it was reliably speculated that a photographer half his age was the reason.The next day, Donald Fagen, now 68, the higher-profiled half of Steely Dan—that most literate, ironic and New-Yorkers-like-us of the ’70s rock duos—was arrested after he allegedly pushed his wife of 22 years, Libby Titus, 69, against a marble window frame, powerfully enough for her to have incurred injuries. Titus called 911 and was treated for minor injuries. When I posted on Facebook last week how sad I was about the divorce—not quite being able to say I was disappointed in his character—I was echoed by dozens voicing the same opinion.During an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan at the time, Stacey used a line made famous by Martin Luther King Jr, saying that she chose her presidential pick 'not by the color of his skin but the content of his character'.


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