Who is frankie from the saturdays dating from mcfly

But you need to gel and blend – and that’s not something you can do over a ten-week show.‘Everyone always says I’m into my girlie stuff but to be fair we’re a girl band so if we weren’t into it before, we’ve all picked it up by now.

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Rochelle has really blossomed since her S Club days and is a stunningly beautiful woman who sets fashion trends and has lots of girls aspiring to her success.’ (Vanessa)‘I met my boyfriend Darren Randolph when I was 15 and we were on and off for a while.We’ve been together properly for about two years now.I also like to talk – I could probably chew your ear off all night.’ ‘If any of us take the big sis role it would be Rochelle.’ (Una) ‘Rochelle is obsessed with shoes and shopping.We were in Selfridges for five minutes the other day and she came out with a Burberry mac!: Part of former boy band The Wanted Age: 25Dancing experience: Swaying and jumping around in videos for hit singles including "Glad You Came" and "Chasing the Sun".


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